Rocking – The Fractal Ouroboros Review

Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze – The Fractal Ouroboros

"The Fractal Ouroboros", with an unparalleled cover, again by Alex CF , lasts 75 minutes and is a colossal achievement. No, its duration is not a deterrent. The compositional concept of Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze allows them to transcend themselves and create an album that unfolds its virtues holistically. In addition, they musically transform the spirit of the enigmatic title of the record into an effective musical concept. A basic dark but clear melody, slow, returns at regular intervals throughout the seven compositions of the record. It emerges from the dust of suffocating riffing, from stormy outbursts, ambient parts, almost funeral doom shots, and it haunts.

"The Fractal Ouroboros" through the nuggets and glimpses of another world it reveals between its parts, is an album that seems detached from the demands of its time. It won't excite you all at once, but if you get together with it, as with the projects mentioned on bandcamp, you will see that this is a record that starts from the individual subconscious and leads you to social and collective claims for a better tomorrow. The cycle must be broken. Imagination is the key.

- Translated from Greek by Google Translate

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