MoshPitNation Premiere: Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze – Annihilation (Plus Comprehensive Review and Band Interview)

EXCLUSIVE TRACK STREAM: Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze – Annihilation

Annihilation is the second track to be presented to the world from “The Fractal Ouroboros.” Suffocate O Earthen Lungs; They Now Lungs of Ash was released as a stand alone single on the summer solstice, and is a driving monster of a track. Annihilation patiently builds, spending over six minutes in the process of constructing the mood necessary for the moment of annihilation which comes when the composition explodes into furious oblivion. The build is a wondrous, ambient deconstruction of conscious thought, leading to a deep seated sense of nothingness, a preparation for what is to come. Approach this track with reverence. Let the ambience warm you. Float in it. Let the plucked notes pluck at your subconscious. Allow the whispered rasps to float alongside you. Allow the rhythms to pick you up and carry you towards finality. Allow the annihilation. And then…

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Hayduke X of MoshPitNation was kind enough to take the time to interview us and put together a full track-by-track review of our upcoming album The Fractal Ouroboros. The article also serves as the premiere of the album’s second single “Annihilation,” as well as the reveal of the cover art, full track listing, and release date (December 21, 2023 – Double LP Vinyl, Cassette, and Digital on Fiadh Productions in the US & Vita Detestabilis in Europe).