Metal Storm – The Fractal Ouroboros Review

Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze – The Fractal Ouroboros Review

I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely love anticipating sophomore albums as a music reviewer. In many ways, the sophomore effort is the real test of a band’s mettle more than anything. It’s the ultimate demonstration of the question of whether or not a solid debut was simply a dumb luck fluke on the part of the band. Yeah, they got the check mark once. But can they do it again?

Well, in the case of Colorado’s Bull Of Apis Bull Of Bronze, let’s skip the cliffhangers and just definitively say that the answer is overwhelmingly a “Yes.” This powerful black metal trio first came through in 2019 with the Offerings Of Flesh And Gold debut, one of my favorites from that year and with some absolutely beautiful artwork to boot. I was drawn to the band by their name immediately, a direct reference to Egyptian mythology and the legendary bull who would carry the Sun on its head to Ptah at Memphis. But their music grabbed me even more. Within Offerings were three thick slabs of dense, whirling ambient black metal, that, most noticeably, took its time with a great sense of pacing between the ambiance and the more raging black metal sound.

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