Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze – The Fractal Ouroboros Preorders and Pre-Release Full Album Stream (Invisible Oranges)

Explore “The Fractal Ouroboros” With Infinitely Consuming Black Metal (Early Album Stream)

Drums and bass factor heavily into the record's sound, giving it a muscular punch whether delivering blast beats or minimalist ostinatos in the more shoegaze-y sections. Though the formalized ass-beating that tracks like "Trophy" offer is exhilarating, their violence comes with extra weight when compared against slower, drone-heavy tracks like "Liberation," which definitely slants toward the ritual sacrifice side. The excellent pacing and structure is a major part of The Fractal Ouroboros' impact: the peaks here are exhausting, and the torturous ascents and uncontrolled descents multiply their effect.

Full article here. The article is the premiere of the entirety of the album.


Double LP / Cassette (US) – Fiadh Productions Bandcamp

Double LP / Cassette (Europe) – Vita Detestabilis Bandcamp

Digital / 3 Shirt Designs / BOABOB Tea (Worldwide) – Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze Bandcamp