A God or an Other / The Vatican – The Great Northern (Split)

A God or an Other / The Vatican – The Great Northern (Split)

http://agodoranother.bandcamp.com or http://thevaticangrind.bandcamp.com/

3 tracks (17 minutes) of black metal/hardcore and 6 tracks (17 minutes) of grindcore. All of A God or an Other’s side was tracked, edited, mixed at Big Name. The Vatican instrumentals were recorded at Big Name. Both sides were mastered together at Big Name.

Tapes and CDs manufactured at Big Name in the print shop and available through Bandcamp.



The Lunch – Thinkin’ About Stuff

The Lunch – Thinkin’ About Stuff


4 tracks (15 minutes) of experimental instrumental indie recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered at Big Name. This is the first project to be released from the studio to utilize the awesome Tascam 388.

Tapes and CDs manufactured at Big Name in the print shop and available through Bandcamp.












Bird Surgeon – Vanishings


Bird Surgeon – Vanishings



Been hard at work on construction of the new space, but had plenty of off hours to use making this album. Math rock, indie, screamo bits… for fans of Piglet, earlier Tera Melos, Don Caballero, American Football, etc

12 tracks, 45 minutes, recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered at Big Name.

Physical copies made in the Big Name print shop and available at Bandcamp.

Us – Songs for Us

Us – Songs For Us

I wrote these songs in 2010 for a performance piece that I was a part of in my first class at The Evergreen State College. For an entire school year our group of 70 something students examined consciousness, myth, neuroscience, quantum mechanics, dream science and psychology, Asian wisdom traditions, and much more.

Now I have revived those compositions, originally performed live with a loop station, in properly recorded form with new spoken word provided by a good friend of mine who I originally met in that class, Noble Russell. His poetry throughout the EP is a singular narrative. His words are an artistic rendering of our studies at that time.

Instrumental version also available: uswa.bandcamp.com/album/songs-for-us-instrumental

Yoga Fire! – Street Fighter II: The World Warrior: A Tribute Album & More

Ah! I forgot about the blog! It makes it look like nothing has been happening at Big Name. That is definitely not true. I’m going to quickly run through a few of the projects that have been in the works here in reverse chronological order:

Firstly, I released this solo LP yesterday, 3/12/13, under the name Yoga Fire!

It is available for free stream and download at http://yogafirewa.bandcamp.com

or at my personal audio site at jlvaudio

In late February Big Name saw a session with the very talented Mythologies. It quickly became one of my favorite pieces that I have worked on. Really looking forward to the release of the single and also looking forward to working with them on a full length in May.

Kevin of Mythologies practicing the song before tracking began.

Seattle’s A God or an Other has been recording a full length black metal/post rock crossover album here. It has just entered the mixing phase. This is epic music.

The band listening back to a take.

Lastly, Thompson. No link for this one yet, as it is a debut release, but it’s an awesome full length featuring guest performances by many Olympia locals. It’s currently on hold (tracking is incomplete at the moment) until Mike moves to Olympia in the beginning of April.

I don’t have a picture of this one, but my ancient project 55YT MQRT has been slowly reviving itself within the walls of Big Name. We played one show in the summer and I definitely felt bit by the live performance bug once again. Soon…