No Clean Singing Reviews A God or an Other – Chaotic Symbiosis



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We present Andy Synn’s review (and a complete stream) of the just-released second album by A God or an Other from Olympia, Washington — “six tracks of riveting atmosphere and ravenous aggression… with a sense of caustic energy and cathartic prowess that echoes the pull-no-punches, take-no-prisoners, approach of Hardcore as much as it does Black Metal.”

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A God or an Other – Chaotic Symbiosis


A God or an Other – Chaotic Symbiosis

6 tracks (35 minutes) of crusty, atmospheric post black metal. Tracked, edited, mixed, and mastered at Big Name.

This is our final release, thus marking the end of an era of my life (2013-2018). I’m currently working on a retrospective writeup detailing the creation of this album and my experiences in the band overall. This post is a placeholder for that.

Cassettes and CDs were printed in the print shop and are available via Bandcamp.

City of Industry – American Habits Are Hard to Break


City of Industry – American Habits Are Hard to Break

10 tracks (12 minutes) of crusty powerviolence. Drums tracked by Lorenzo Luna and Scott Asher at an unnamed studio. Guitars, bass, vocals, and samples tracked later at Big Name, where the EP was then edited and mixed. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Morrow – The Weight of These Feathers


Morrow – The Weight of These Feathers

I engineered this album for Seattle’s Morrow. Midway through the recording process, I was asked to write and record my own basslines as well. They had a bass player when we first began tracking, but he dropped out of the project right before he was supposed to record his parts. As a result, I was asked to step in. I was given full creative freedom with my bass contributions.

The band spent three years composing and demoing these songs, and then one year in the studio with me recording the real deal. Being able to add my own spin to this album was a pleasure and I look forward to seeing what these guys go on to create in the future.

For people who enjoy melodic/progressive/atmospheric black metal.